What is Fam Club Xplo?

The Fam Club Xplo is a monthly subscription program that gives you access to more than 20 varied activities for the family throughout the year.

The program includes activities such as the Voiles en Voiles adventure park, obstacle courses on the water, kayak rides, quadricycles, pedal boats, Segway, bike, winter activities and much more. In addition to access all our sites, you will get discounts for all other products, discounts for your friends who accompany you as well as access to exclusive events! Join the Fam Club Xplo now!





Visit all our sites without limit!



Exclusive events for members!



Discounts for all products on the sites!



Discounts on our birthday party packages offered at certain locations!




*Entrance fee to sites not included


Voiles en Voiles 54$+tx Great adventure 4 hours
Aquazilla Parc Jean-Drapeau 15$+tx Access 1 hour
Aquazilla Oka 17$+tx Access 1 hour
Îlots 76 9$+tx Access 1 hour
Pedal boat Old-Port 26,10$+tx 30 minutes rental
Pedal boat, canoe et kayak Parc Jean-Drapeau Up to 30$+tx 1 hour rental
Quadricycle Old-Port Up to 52,20$+tx 30 minutes rental
Quadricycles Parc Jean-Drapeau 25$+tx 1 hour rental
Bike, tandem and inline skates Parc Jean-Drapeau Up to 25$+tx 2 hours rental
Commented tours Montreal Old-Port Up to 79,00$+tx Tour of your choice

Discovery of the Old Port of Montreal by Segway

Industrial revolution by Segway

Old-Port at sunset by Segway

Commented tours Parc Jean-Drapeau Up to 69,00$+tx Tour of your choice

Commented tour Parc Jean-Drapeau by Segway

Commented tour Parc Jean-Drapeau by bike

Commented tour of the lagoons by kayak and canoe

Hoverboard experience

Fun every day...


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Some numbers, figures and statistics on the program...



More than 23 varied and fun activities for the whole family with more activities to come.


Have fun at our 6 different locations in the greater Montreal area.

Months a year

Our activities are spread over all seasons in order to offer fun all year-round.


Our combined activities have welcomed more than 1.75M visitors over the past 5 years


Summer access

Have access to more than 11 activities during the months of spring ,summer and autumn.
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Old Port of Montreal

  • The Grande Aventure access to the Voiles en Voiles park – 4 hours
  • Pedal boat rental in the Bonsecours basin – 30 minutes
  • Quadricycle rental in the Old Port – 30 minutes
  • Segway guided tour with Eco Tours Montreal(of your choice)

Parc Jean-Drapeau

  • Access to Aquazilla inflatable courses – 1 hour
  • Rental of pedal boats, kayaks and canoes – 1 hour
  • Quadricycle rental – 1 hour
  • Bicycles, tandems or inline skates rental – 2 hours
  • Segway or bike guided tour with Éco Tours Montreal (of your choice)
  • Kayak or canoe guided tour in the lagoons with Éco Tours Montreal


  • Access to Aquazilla inflatable water courses – 1 hour

Olympic Park

  • Access to the Îlots 76 inflatable courses - 1 hour

Winter access

Have access to more than 6 activities during the winter months.

Old Port of Montreal

  • Ice skate rental on the Bonsecours basin – 2 hours

Parc Jean-Drapeau

  • Ice skate rental at Espace 67 – 2 hour
  • Snowshoe rental – 2 hour
  • Cross-country ski rental – 2 hour
  • Fatbikes rental – 1 hour
  • Snow scooter rental – 1 hour
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La Fontaine Park

  • Ice skate rental on Parc La Fontaine Lake – 2 hours
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Quartier des Spectacles

  • Ice skate rental on the Esplanade Tranquille skating rink – 2 hours

Parc Maisonneuve

  • Ice skate rental – 2 hour
  • Snowshoe rental – 2 hour
  • Cross-country ski rental – 2 hour
  • Fatbikes rental – 1 hour
  • Snow scooter rental – 1 hour


Get several other benefits by signing up.

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$15/ month

Enjoy a multitude of activities with the subscription of the Famclub Xplo!

  • More than 23 activities throughout the year
  • Unlimited access to all sites
  • 15% discount on different sites
  • Access to exclusive events
  • An initial fee of $75 will be charged upon membership
Fun for all tastes...


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We are always happy to answer your questions! To help you, here are some frequently asked questions.

Benefits and members

What are the advantages of subscribing to Fam Club Xplo?
This subscription would allow you to enjoy all the activities below as many times as you wish:

◦ Grande Aventure access to Voiles en voiles park in the Old Port of Montreal;

◦ Access to the Aquazilla water parks of the Oka Sepaq beach of and the Parc Jean-Drapeau beach;

◦ Participation in Ecotours Montreal's guided tours by Segway, kayak or bicycle at Parc Jean-Drapeau and the Old Port of Montreal;

◦ Access to the inflatable courses of "Îlots 76" at the Olympic Park;

◦ The rental of watercraft (canoes, kayaks and pedal boats) and landboats (bicycles, inline skates, quadricycles) from Écorécréo at Parc Jean-Drapeau;

◦ The rental of Quadricycle and Pedal boats from Écorécréo at the Old Port of Montreal;

◦ The rental and sharpening of iceskates (in winter) of Patin-Patin at Lafontaine Park, Parc Jean-Drapeau and the Old Port of Montreal;

◦ The rental of winter sports equipment (cross-country skiing, snowshoes, fatbikes, scooter) at Parc Jean-Drapeau;

◦ Discounts on all our other products and offers;

◦ Access to member-exclusive events.

How many times can I visit the different sites?
You can visit the sites as many times as you want! Inclusions vary from site to site.
What am I entitled to during my visits to the different sites?
Voiles en Voiles

◦ Great Adventure 4h


◦ 1h access (possibility to pay extra hours at a discount)

Parc Jean-Drapeau Summer

◦ Pedal boats, kayaks and canoes: 1h rental

◦ Bicycles, tandems, inline skates: 2h rental

◦ Quadricycles: 1h rental

Parc Jean-Drapeau Winter

◦ Snowshoes, scooters, cross-country skiing and Fatbikes: 2h rental

◦ Ice skates: 1h rental

Old Port of Montreal Summer

◦ Pedal boats: 30 minutes rental

◦ Quadricycles: 30 minutes rental

Patin Patin (Old Port and Parc Lafontaine)

◦ Ice skates: 1h rental

◦ Iceskates sharpening

Eco Tours Montreal

◦ Unlimited Tours of your choice

Do I get discounts for my friends?
Yes! Your guests get 15% off the entrance to all our sites. There is no maximum limit, so you can invite the number of people you want!
Do I get advantages throughout the year with the subscription?
The Famclub Xplo group offers activities throughout the year in greater Montreal! In addition to these activities, you can enjoy exclusive events during all year long!
Do I have discounts even on other products sold on the sites?
Yes! When you are a member of our monthly subscription, you automatically get 15% off all our other products, including food. All you have to do is present your card at our kiosks in order to get your discount.
Where are your different sites located?
Famclub Xplo's activities are located mainly in the Greater Montreal area.
How do I get to your sites?
Our sites are accessible in several ways; you can get there by car and mostly by public transport.
Can I park for free on site?
Our sites are located in very touristic locations in Greater Montreal, so we do not have parking provided for visitors to our sites. Even so, you can still park nearby or you can also easily use public transport.


Do all members of my family need a subscription?
No, however, all people who want to participate in the activities must either have a subscription or buy daily tickets. If a member of your family does not want to participate, but only enter the sites, there is no fee.
How much does the subscription cost?
The subscription costs $ 15 per month to have access to all the activities of the Famclub! A membership fee of $75 is charged upon entry into the program, however it is only payable once for the entire duration of the subscription.
Are there any restrictions to unsubscribe?
You will be able to unsubscribe easily, without penalty, without question or bitterness whenever you want.
If I unsubscribe and want to resubscribe afterwards, how does it work?
You can re-subscribe to our program whenever you want, however you will have to pay for the months that have not been "used" up to the membership fee (e.g. you have been 3 months inactive in the subscription and want to return, so you will have to pay $45).
How do I get the subscription? Can I buy my subscription directly on the sites?
You can subscribe online or by going to Voiles en Voile’s location (Old Port of Montreal). If you plan to subscribe directly on site, bring a credit card as well as a valid ID card. For those who subscribe on the website, simply visit Voiles en Voiles, present a valid photo ID and confirmation of your subscription in order to receive your physical card.
I have a season pass Voiles en Voiles and I would like to change it for a subscription, how to do?
If you want to change your season pass from Voiles en Voiles for the monthly subscription, you just have to mention it during your next visit to the site so that they can make make the change to your account. In addition to being able to enjoy several activities in greater Montreal, you still keep your Voiles en voiles subscription until the end of the season.
How long does it take for my subscription to be active after purchase?
Your membership is effective immediately after your purchase and registration. You can even buy a subscription on your phone at the entrance to the park and immediately get an entrance.






Voiles en Voiles

Adventure park


Inflatable water park


Recreational products rental


Inflatable playground

Éco Tours Montréal

Commented tours

Patin Patin

Ice skate rental


Do you have any questions or would like more information? Contact us now!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

Map of all our points of service offered as part of the Fam Club Xplo.